Why Your Next Car Should Have An Automatic Transmission

When you buy a car today, you have the choice of getting one with either a manual or automatic transmission. While both options have their pros and cons, it seems that autos are gaining popularity with the motoring public.

But why is that so? And should your next car be an auto? These days it makes sense to ditch the clutch and let your car do the gear changing for you. Here’s why:

Today’s automatic transmissions are advanced

Decades ago people used to have a nickname for auto gearboxes: “slush boxes.” They were rudimentary devices that seldom offered smooth shifting. Early automatic transmissions suffered from reliability issues. And you didn’t have many forward gears to play with!

Today is a different story. Car makers use a variety of gearbox technologies to enhance a motorist’s driving experience. For example, the Powershift gearbox used in Ford cars lets you shift up and down gears without the need for a clutch.

A week ago I took a couple of Ford Mondeo models for a spin from Lifestyle Ford. I liked the model with the Powershift transmission as the driving experience felt more refined. Driving a manual today seems somewhat outdated. Let me explain why with the following reasons.

Fuel economy is just as good as cars with manual gearboxes

Do a like for like comparison with today’s cars. Those fitted with auto boxes offer the same fuel economy statistics as their manual counterparts.

Fuel economy was long used as a reason to deter people away from automatics. It’s true that the early gearboxes were inefficient and rudimentary. But today’s models are quite advanced. They are all controlled by complex systems that take into account any driving conditions.

Manual transmission problems are a thing of the past

As an owner of a manual car, you will doubtless have to contend with a myriad of transmission-related problems. The most obvious is the clutch. They have a limited lifespan and can sometimes cost a lot of money to replace.

Diesel motorists often complain of problems with dual-mass flywheels. Both examples are issues you never have to worry about when you have an automatic car. And that means you save lots of money!

Automatic transmissions are reliable

Today’s modern auto boxes are built for life. Or, in the least, the life of the car! They are sealed units and seldom require servicing or maintenance of any description.

In fact, the only way you can kill an automatic gearbox is if you smash your car up!

The value of your car is increased

You might not know this, but automatic cars are worth more than manuals! If you want to buy a car that holds its value well, you should always opt for the automatic variant. Head over to websites like eBay Motors and Auto Trader to check for yourself if you don’t believe me!

They make cars easier to drive

Because you don’t have to worry about changing gear, automatic cars make driving easier to tackle. You can focus more on the road and your surrounding environment. In short, one could say they make driving more safer!

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