What is auto insurance and how to calculate it?

Auto Insurance – the insurance contract, according to which the insurance company pays all costs of car owner, in case of theft of the vehicle or causing him harm.

Accident recognized the destruction of or damage to the vehicle due to a traffic accident: collision with another vehicle, the impact on the fixed and moving objects (buildings, obstacles and animals), overturning, flooding, short circuit current, the battle of glasses, falling transportation funds, as well as any object on it.

Why do you need auto insurance?

Auto Insurance covers all types of risks for vehicle owners.

How to calculate the cost of insurance?

Each insurance company has its own methods for determining auto insurance rates. They differ not only the methods of calculation of insurance, and car owners themselves, their brand cars, driving experience, the storage conditions of the insured vehicle. All these factors affect the cost of insurance. The insured value of the vehicle can be determined based on the selling price of similar models, reference accounts, and expert assessment of the insurer. If the policyholder have additional equipment, the insurance cost increases at the cost of additional equipment. 

Advantages of auto insurance

Drivers who have entered into compulsory and voluntary insurance contracts can eliminate the risks of additional costs in case of an emergency. In the event of an accident, the insurance company assumes the payment of costs arising under the previously agreed amount of compensation. Contract vehicle insurance is a two-way and shall be in writing. Parties to the contract are the insurer and the policyholder may be third parties and beneficiaries.

Disadvantages of auto insurance

The need for additional spending is the main disadvantage of auto insurance programs.

Where to find the best solution?

If you want to insure your car, but do not know how to choose insurance company is not sure how many actually will cost the insurance of your vehicle – Calculate the cost of the insurance calculator.

The situation on the roads is becoming more complex, increasing the number of inattentive and prone to emergency driving drivers. The result of these changes are a daily emergency bulletins, difficult situations, crumpled cars and casualties. At the moment, auto insurance – the only way for the owner of the vehicle to protect themselves from financial trouble in the event of an accident, household and criminal situations or natural disasters!

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