Van or SUV For Your Family

If you have a growing family, a sedan just probably will not cut it, and so it comes down to deciding between an SUV or minivan to handle all of your needs. Making that decision is not easy, and will not only come down to your interior size needs, but also how the vehicle handles in a variety environments. In many respects, both SUV’s and minivans are quite similar in size, space and technology within to keep children entertained, but there are important differences that may sway you one way or another.

Minivans are great if you have a family that spends a lot of time on the road. Some perks of a minivan include the inner comfort for children, with the ability to sleep, eat, stand and play. Easy to climb into, with dual electronic sliding doors and a low step-up height, minivans allow children to move around, and with massive windows, it is easy to take in the sights on any adventure. There is a ton of storage space for anything you need to take. Finally, parents will enjoy the fuel economy that usually beats an SUV, as well as a great, smooth ride.

However, minivans have an undeniable presence that not all customers will like, and for buyers who want to avoid that image, an SUV is great alternate choice. SUV’s offer a sleeker appearance, and make for a more sporty drive. The inside can fit around seven passengers, just like a minivan, but the SUV might not offer quite as much additional space when at full passenger capacity. But despite the comparative lack of space, an SUV can also be a great vehicle for long trips, especially if you intend on your vehicles to tow a boat, trail or even more. SUV’s usually have a higher maximum tow capacity, and that fact may figure into your final decision.

As far as driveability, SUV’s have long been the go to for customers who need to think about driving in inclement weather conditions. But minivans are now more likely to have an available four-wheel-drive option, which increases driveability for various weather conditions. Either way, a minivan or SUV has the potential to suit your needs perfectly. What it may come down to, however, is availability. Minivans are certain available and can be found by almost every brand, but there is not the multitude of models available in comparison to SUV’s. There are almost seventy SUV’s on the United States market to choose from, giving you tons of opportunities to customize and create your perfect family vehicle. Get your whole family involved in the decision, and take a test drive; it’s the only way you will truly know which one is the best decision for you.

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