The white car lacquer face how to maintain?

The white car lacquer face how to maintain?Believe many owners love white paint has been a headache for this problem.Recently, the reporter ask car maintenance technician liu’s teacher, and offer you a little skill.

Methods 1

First start from the maintain good sealing glairLiu’s teacher, white car maintenance, the main is to ensure that the paint the same yellow,and yellow paint basically is the paint on the surface of the enamel coating light for a long time, appear dim chemical reaction, so that to prevent paint yellow is start from the maintain good sealing glair.Liu’s teacher reminds, under normal circumstances, paint without obvious scratch, do not easily to secondary spray paint, paint to prevent out or combination.

Method 2

Long-term parking available body cover coverFor the vehicle stopped for a long time, should be parked in a garage or well ventilated place, if conditions permit available body cover cover.When the temporary parking, also want to choose a cool place. Transport process, to prevent the car paint film strong impact, knock against, and scratches.If discover to there is scar, depression, or paint falls off shall promptly carry out repair, it is best to the beauty shop repair.

Methods 3

Wax regularly, for their own protectio nMaintenance of vehicles, in the light metal plating, cleaning should use carbon cleaning agent, and regularly its wax protection;When cleaning the body and body decoration, want to use good quality detergent, don’t wipe wax is overweight, avoid lacquer layer and prototype.It is important to note that do not too much in the number of car wash washing the car, because the water cannons to paint damage also bigger.

Methods 4

Choose paste auto paint protection filmHow “white car maintenance, main is to keep the color. White car must pay attention to the sun in summer, the white paint is very easy to send Yellow.”Liu’s teacher, good condition also can choose paste car paint protection film. 3 m surface protective film colorless transparent surface protective film, it has strong toughness.Can be used to protect the body after the bumper, hood, front door, rear view mirror, such as the lacquer that bake paint, protect the car paint from the minor collisions and cut off the paint.

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