“Service AdvanceTrac” Warning Light (What it is and How to Reset)

If you’re the owner of a Ford vehicle, you would possibly have come to note a curious, yet somewhat concerning message displayed upon your car, truck, or SUV’s dash. Ford owners the planet over are greeted by a “Service AdvanceTrac” message at one point or another during daily commutes.

AdvanceTrac problems are commonly descraibed by Ford vehicle owners, and even the company’s most prestigious models, including the Ford F150, Fusion, Edge, Explorer, and Expedition are all vulnerable to such issues.

Luckily, problems of this nature are faraway from the top of the road for your trusty Ford, and an answer to such issues is seldom as difficult to return by together might believe.

Read on to find out more about AdvanceTrac, and the way to handle any issues with this technique as they occur.

What is AdvanceTrac?

AdvanceTrac is Ford’s proprietary version of Electronic Stability Control (ESC). this technique is meant to stop vehicle skid during extreme circumstances, thereby minimizing the danger of an accident.

Ford’s AdvanceTrac system is comparatively complex in nature, and utilizes a series of sensors to watch wheel speed, also as various other facets of auto stability.

The system actually combines several individual safety systems into one integrated system, so as to further minimize the prospect of a traction-loss induced accident. the subsequent capabilities are possessed by Ford’s AdvanceTrac system.


Anti-Lock Brake Function

Anti-Lock brake systems prevent a vehicle from skidding under panicked braking conditions. When one or more wheels lock under significant brake pressure, this stoppage is communicated to a vehicle’s ABS controller by way of a wheel speed sensor.

This software then commands the system’s ABS pump motor/valve body assembly to rapidly pulsate brake pressure to the affected wheel, thereby breaking the skid.

Traction control operation

Traction control systems compare data from speed sensors at each wheel end location. If the system’s controller detects an irregularity in wheel speed from one wheel to subsequent , power to any wheel that displays excessive speed are going to be cut, or brake pressure are going to be applied.

This effectively evens the speed between each of a vehicle’s four wheels, thereby remedying any prior loss of traction.

  • Directional Orientated Stability control operation
    Vehicles now depend on numerous sensors to spot vehicle instability, as skidding occurs. These sensors relay a comprehensive picture of the vehicle’s orientation while during a skid, to a specified controller, which adjusts power output and brake pressure to every wheel as required for stabilization.Sources of feedback for this operation include wheel angle sensors, yaw rate sensors, and accelerometers.Why Does the “Service AdvanceTrac” red light Come On?
    AdvanceTrac problems
    A vehicle’s “Service AdvanceTrac” red light are often illuminated for variety of reasons, but most frequently pertains to sensor-related issues. In any event, the system controller has registered a fault, which makes proper operation impossible.

    The most common root causes of an illuminated “Service AdvanceTrac” red light are as follows:
    Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor

  • Faulty Rotational Speed Sensor
  • Faulty Steering Angle Sensor
  • Compromised steering mechanism Components
  • Damaged Sensor Wiring
  • System Programming Issues

Can You Continue Driving With the Service AdvanceTrac Light On?

When faced with an AdvanceTrac system issue, you’ll still drive your vehicle with none ill-effects. However, most vehicles automatically disable all AdvanceTrac related functions, when a lively system fault has been detected.

While this is often never a perfect situation, you’re no more in harm’s way, than when driving a vehicle that’s not equipped with a stability system .

AdvanceTrac related issues aren’t detrimental to a vehicle’s driveability, as is usually the case when an engine or transmission-based trouble code is stored. during this instance, your vehicle is just attempting to bring your attention to an underlying fault in its stability system.

However, it’s recommended to possess your vehicle’s AdvanceTrac system serviced at the primary available opportunity, to revive your car’s safety to an optimal level.

In the meantime, it’s also imperative to require extra caution when traversing slick or hazardous roadways, like those encountered following wintry precipitation or heavy snowfall.

How to Reset the Service AdvanceTrac Light

In the case of a “Service AdvanceTrac” light, motorists have little recourse but to repair the basis cause behind the light’s illumination.

While it’d be tempting to easily clear all pertinent codes so as to disable the system’s warning message, this is often nothing quite a fast fix. This light will almost certainly reilluminate with subsequent cycle of the ignition, as your vehicle performs its standard system self-checks.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, diagnosis of the difficulty at hand would require the utilization of a premium scan tool, and a trained eye. However, the avid DIY mechanic can always perform their own visual inspection in an effort to uproot obvious concerns.

When attempting to locate the basis explanation for an AdvanceTrac related issue, it’s advisable to carefully inspect each wheel’s speed sensor and corresponding wiring harness pigtail. search for any signs of frayed, pinched, or corroded wires.

Also, check to make sure that each one connections between these sensors and their intermediate harnesses are viable. Unplug each speed sensor pigtail from its intermediate harness to see for water intrusion.

In some cases, it’d even be possible to see for supply voltage and ground at corresponding modules within the system.

Without full system input voltage, and a stable, resistance-free ground feed, the AdvanceTrac system can experience interruptions operational . In any event, a vehicle-specific schematic or pin-out reference are going to be required to conduct such checks.

If you’re still unable to locate any obvious source of failure, or just don’t feel comfortable tackling the diagnosis of the AdvanceTrac system yourself, contact a professional service center for further evaluation.

In some cases, an easy programming update are often installed, to rid your vehicle of AdvanceTrac related software issues. during this case, a visit to the dealership are going to be necessary, intrinsically software updates tend to be proprietary in nature.

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