Metallic paint and ordinary paint their respective advantages

Metallic paint is actually blending, the metal powder in the paint, such not only can make after coating on the surface of the coin look stunning, but under different Angle due to the refraction of light, can let the body contour will change, the vehicle appearance modelling looks more rich.

Cause “paint” more and more widely the another reason is the blending of the metal powder, after a metal component paint hardness increased, paint, is relatively easy to scratch, the most cars can only be on the outdoor parking lot owners, small scratches can not damage paint, reduce repair paint, lacquer that bake more worry and cost.

Some “plain coloured paint” is ordinary paint more, the most typical of a few color is white, red, and yellow.In fact is not to say that the color of the paint can not add silver powder, just added that appeared after the silver color, it is not original primly.Will become pearl white, and black white becomes with the light of “black”, will become the so-called “wine red” red, and yellow, would become a stunning “golden”.

Without adding metal powder plain coloured paint, paint surface hardness is relatively soft, if high-speed slungshot hit by road up, easy to peeling paint.In addition, when cleaning must be plain coloured paint car may not directly with dry cloth or wet cloth to wipe, with plenty of water to flush out attached on the surface, so as not a rag a contact body, let the hard dust scratch paint.

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