Indirect Signs Pointing To A Big Car Mileage – Professional Hints

When buying a used car is one of the main parameters, which usually pay attention in the first place – it is the mileage. This is especially true if you buy a car with high mileage on the roads of America. Do not blindly trust the odometer readings. First, the former owner can always easily using the services of some service stations “correct” any number of kilometers, and secondly, even the actual mileage figures do not reflect the true condition of the car. Therefore, when assessing the future of your car is worth paying attention to more and more cars running, expressed in kilometers, you should take note of and consider certain conditional parameters.

Body – the most expensive part of the car. Signs of repairs: uneven gaps between parts (although it often occurs in the new Russian cars), mismatch planes of body parts, traces of paint in places where they should not be (glass seals and doors, bumpers, tires and wheels) – it all should suggest a possible accident in which the vehicle traveled. 

Hinges and bolts of doors, bonnet and boot lid. If they will scratch, so they probably filmed (question: why – whether for painting?). Special equipment allows assessing the vehicle’s mileage on the degree of corrosion of the body. According to experts, the average corrosion “eats” up to 0.1 mm non-galvanized metal per year. Winter operation with storage in a warm garage can increase this figure several times. As rust spots can be found and the place of repair – where corrosion is manifested in the first place. Operation in the big cities, as a rule, is of frequent small scratches on the body in the areas of “Contact Park”. Frequent rides in the country the main reason for chips on the bonnet and bumper. However, if the machine run more than 40-60 thousand. Km. shiny smooth hood and damage from stones – 90%, which is already painted hood.


Transmission also show that the vehicle mileage of at least 80000 km, if the bearing noise is heard, there synchronizers fuzzy operation. Either automatic box after releasing the brake pedal significantly “hit back”.

Details of the suspension and steering are relatively cheap, besides, they often change, if time does not notice anther gap, the dirt gets in bringing into the joints, which instantly causes them to wear. Nevertheless, the presence of new components can be estimated mileage of the car. Thus, steering tips are usually changed every 30-40 thousand kilometers, steering -. Through 100-120 thousand Km.


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