How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car ?

Are you suffering from scratches in your car or not satisfied from colour of it?

Here is the place for you to get best advices for theese kind of problems. is helping you to learn about the topics of:

  • Car painting prices in 2021
  • Maaco paint job cost
  • 2021 Maaco paint prices for trucks
  • How to paint car by yourself
  • How much to save money without going to a car paint workshop

Maaco Paint Job Cost in 2021

Maaco will give you an avarage price of $300-1000 for your car, in order to evaluating body damage of your car. Ofcourse this price gap would change according to sizes of your car.

MAACO Repairand Auto Painting is an American franchisor of car painting and shop shops in Charlotte, North Carolina that was established in 1972.

Maaco paint job sare guaranteed for 3 years again stcrackingand peeling. Which means that MAACO is a brand of reliability and beneficial of price.

Reasons for you top refer MAACO:

  • Maaco is a wide spread company that has more than 500 companies around the World.(475 in USA,26 in Canada)
  • The percentage of customer pleasures about work is toohigh.
  • Most of the customer review sarepositive in theway of price perfomance index.

Avarage Costs of Car Paint Prices in 2021

As it wassaid , vehicle size, quality of paint sandbrand’s name are factors that indicate prices of car paint work.

Costs in orderto Size:

Avarage Painting Cost in Sedan

İf you have a sedan car that you are willing to take it to MAACO shop, it would cost between 500$-700$.

İs there a missing part about the way your sedan car looks like, going to a Maaco shopis the best optin for you to fix this probolem.

One of the most important items is appareance of yourcar. Ifyour car has scratches,ıt is lesslikelytosell car in a goodprice. Butif your car has a shining app areance of colour, youwill be a kind of seller that doesnt eventry, youwill be just for buyers to purchase your car.

How much does it cost to repaint the suv?

A painting job fo SUV smight cost more than 1000$ but in a company like MAACO you might only pay a price between $600-$900.

The main reason of price difference is Collision repair and additional preparation are common price variables because of they have taken to offroads so that the prices would be higher for SUVs.

Average Cost to Paint a Truck at Maaco

İn Trucks Paint ing might cost between $700-$1000. The reason of higher price is the size of the vehicle.

Avarage Paint Cost in Commercial Vehicles

The price gap of Commercial Vehicle paint job is between $1000-$5000. By starting a company people want their company’s logos in their Commercial vehicles, in this way Vinyl Wrap might help you to Show your logo in vehicles.

Vinyl Wrap jobs might cost a little higher, MAACO can provide a fullcover of logo in vehicle depends on your willings.

Avarage Paint Cost in Semi Trucks

Semi Truck paint jobs might cost the most expensive price, which is between $2000-$10000.


For all the unmentioned knowledges you can visit Maaco’sown site and get the most appropriate infomations.


Bumper Paint CostPaint job of bumper is a cheap work that costs about $150-$300.
Cost to repaint car doorAlso door repaint work is cheap which is between $100-$500
Quarter Panel Paint Cost Foreach quarter panel of cars paint work cost $150-$750
Hood painting costIf you want to paint your car’shood that might cost between $200-$1000.
Car paint costs

Over spray Removal Cost.

Overspray is anunintentional application of paintor a similar coatingto a surface that was not meantto be on target. And the avarage cost of over spray removal work is between $150-$500.

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