Commercial Truck Insurance

Whether you have owned a trucking business for years, just started trucking or are considering getting into the trucking business, commercial truck insurance is one of the major investments you will have to make as owner of a trucking business. Commercial truck insurance provides truck insurance for all size trucks like tractor trailer trucks, straight trucks and pickup trucks. Depending upon the type of truck you are trying to insure will determine the type of insurance is right for you.

Protecting your cargo from damage or theft is your top priority in the trucking industry. So, insurance is crucial to your line of business. Commercial truck insurance is also more complex than standard auto insurance, so its important to understand how it works and how to get the best deal.

By all accounts, getting the appropriate kind of insurance can be the difference between going bankrupt after a serious financial blow or getting back on the roads with minimum financial loss and business interruption. Understanding commercial truck insurance can seem confusing and difficult for even experienced truckers, but you will be much better equipped to customize your insurance package once you understand the basics.

That being said, the premium for commercial truck insurance depends on several factors:

  • Driving Record
  • Location of Garage
  • Primary Liability Limit
  • Operation Type
  • Driving Record

Commercial Truck Insurance or Truck Cargo Insurance is not just about insuring the vehicles or even just about the cargo, but rather it is about your business and its ability to make sure that the product is delivered on time and fully intact.

The actual truck insurance quote is done very differently from that of regular vehicle insurance as there are many factors related to the risk assessment of the policy, when it comes to commercial truck insurance. Your insurance policy is not just insuring a single driver, but rather the entire fleet is taken into consideration, and the risk factors includes things like the drivers ages as well as their experience, their employment history and even the accident history of the business as a whole, for starters.

When you go for a truck insurance quote they will ask you about drivers ages, and in the insurers mind the best ages are those drivers between 30 and 65 years of age. While your drivers may be great, truck insurance is quoted based on statistics. The fact still remains that statistically speaking, drivers at both ends of the age spectrum are more likely to get into an accident or even be the cause of one.

Put your mind at ease by getting an up to date truck insurance quote, today. If you own or operate a truck, commercial truck insurance is not only a must, but it is mandatory.

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