Causes of a Car That’s Hard to Start When Cold

It may be in cold weather. Such problems can be seen in the car on cold days. Especially if it does not work in winter days, it is too much on its users. In this case, somewhere is considered to be damaged. But that’s not the case. A minor problem may cause it not to work. Due to the cold outside, the engine may not start for a few reasons.

Reasons for Difficult Starting When Cold

There are many things that can make it difficult to start the engine in cold weather. Please, there are five most common reasons you should investigate right away when you experience this type of problem.

Where your engine is concerned, you never want to take risks. If you continue to ignore the hard sight of your engine, it will eventually come to the point where you cannot ignore your engine.

Your worst nightmare of damage to the vital components of the engine and then having to replace the engine can be real.

What to Do When Your Car Won’t Start on a Cold Morning

If the engine does not start in cold weather, it may have several reasons. If the engine is running very hard, do not overdo it and go to the nearest service. It will also come in different faults that continue constantly.


Battery failure

Cars that do not operate in cold weather usually have battery headers. Cars with worn out or weak batteries become inoperable when they cool in their air. The cooled battery cannot fire and the car will not start, which is necessary for construction work. It cannot deliver enough power to the starter motor.

Defective Ignition Switch

Cars may not start due to ignition switch failure. When the ignition is turned, the ignition system of the car transmits power and thus works. Since this will not happen in cars with broken ignition keys, the car will not start. Ignition key is grafted and broken. In this case, it must be replaced with a new one.

Defective Starter Motor

Faulty starter motor is among the most common problems. If the vehicle does not start in cold, the first starter motor should be checked. If the starter motor coals are out strong, it cannot turn enough and ignition will not occur. Since the starter cannot be turned at all in cold weather, the car will definitely not start.

Thick Oil

In cold weather, oils become thicker. In this case, if your car has thick oil, it will be thicker in cold weather and the car will not start with the first start. Thick oils cannot lubricate engine parts sufficiently in cold weather and this will cause test failure.

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