4 Symptoms of a Bad Oil Control Valve (and VVT Solenoid)


To understand the variable valve timing (VVT) solenoid and associated oil control valve (OCV), it’ll help to understand the history of this device and the way it benefits our cars, SUVs and lightweight trucks today. The valves within the engine of your car, SUV or truck operate to regulate the flow of air, fuel and … Read more

P0122 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

While there are plenty of diagnostic trouble codes that spell disaster, a P0122 code is one the smallest amount expensive or damaging DTCs you’ll encounter. So, if you employ your trusty OBD2 scanner to get code P0122 is that the reason for your check engine light, you’ll take a deep breath and relax. It’s not … Read more

PCM vs ECM vs ECU vs TCM (What’s the Difference?)

Before vehicle computers were invented, cars and trucks used a system of mechanical and pneumatic devices to manage systems like valve timing and idle speed. Now, modern vehicles have a posh system of sensors and actuators connected to computers which enable the vehicles to perform well and efficiently. These electronics are confusing enough without adding … Read more

3 Symptoms of a Bad Starter Motor (and Replacement Cost)

For automobiles, the electric starter is a boon to easily getting on the road. It was invented by Clyde J. Coleman and first patented in 1903. Coleman soon sold his patent rights to Delco which was subsequently absorbed by General Motors. When Delco joined GM, the brilliant engineer, Charles Kettering, came along for the ride. … Read more

KYB vs. Bilstein (Shocks Comparison)

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your shocks to take your vehicle off-roading or your OEM shocks are worn out, your shocks aren’t a component that you want to skip on. Not only does it control the comfort of your ride, but it also helps to keep other components in your vehicle working as they should. KYB Shocks … Read more

Straight Pipe Exhaust Systems (Pros, Cons, and Cost)

Straight piping your exhaust is a religion. It was brought forth by the Israelites on the seventh coming of the Lord’s name, wherein they exclaimed: “Thou shalt eliminate all resistance from thine exhaust system, so as to spit fire and therefore create more burning bushes, bro.” Shortly thereafter, as we all know, horse-drawn carriages were … Read more