Automotive paint fast repair paint coating technology

Although the repair car paint is a very common thing, however, the construction of paint will often bring us a lot of temptation, such a difficult car paint, paint is construction want to don’t see any defects after repair, it is a big challenge, a lot of friends are very interested in, today we take a look at the construction personnel are how to repair car paint job.

Automotive paint repair step one: find out the real color need to repair

Any car paint repair construction personnel, he is the first thing to do is to determine the color of the need to repair the car, this color, does not mean that we say usually red, blue or yellow is so simple, it requires a detailed value, in the standard of the sun, for example, car paint, hue, lightness and purity of the specific parameters, and then the main color and the color is defined and some of the ingredients.

Automotive paint repair step 2: color and color

After we determine these colors do color matching, we can in the process of color, we need to allocate some sample first, we need to record in the process of allocation proportion, so convenient later can undertake large quantities of allocate, effectively save the usage of paint, also should pay attention to when we allocate a bit, is prepared by the color of the need a little light than the color of the car itself, or it will affect the car paint the final result, lead to dry color deeper.

Automotive paint repair step three: after construction of repair work

World, though a big wide world out there, but want to find a perfect person that it is almost impossible, we are in the process of construction is also difficult to ensure foolproof, it will always appear some poor places, such as paint may appear be bored with child, in this case, in order not to affect its beautiful, when we need to do some processing, such as using P1500 sand paper burnish, then in wax.If is unable to get rid of these defects, we will need to spray once again.

Through the above introduction, I believe you must have some idea for car paint repair construction, one of the most important thing is to mix colors, he needs to construction personnel to colorific ultra sensitivity and good color mixing technology.For the consumer, must carefully check, after the car repair again if you have any questions, construction personnel must repair processing.

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