Automobile Paint Routine Knowledge

 For car, the car paint besides ornamental, but also has anti-corrosion, rust, high and low temperature resistance, resistance, impact resistance and other protective performance.Like furniture paint, paint, therefore, is not only a simple layer, and is generally in the phosphating film, electrophoresis, paint, paint and varnish layer, etc.The phosphating film layer and electrophoresis belong to primer, paint and varnish layer belong to paint.Metallic paint: also called metallic finish, is one of the popular car paint.In it have been added with fine aluminium grains.When the light source on aluminum particles, was reflected in aluminum particles through the gas film.Therefore, looks like gold In the glittering.Change the shape and size of aluminum particles, can control the metallic paint film flash degrees.

Outside of the metallic paint, also shall be protected with a layer of varnish.Pearl paint: also called mica paint, also is one of currently popular car paint.Its principle is basically the same with metallic paint.It use mica instead of aluminum particles.In it have been added are coated with titanium dioxide and micaceous iron oxide pigments.After light beam to the mica particles with titanium dioxide and the color of ferric oxide, and then the complex refraction and interference in mica particles.At the same time, also has a special kind of mica itself, have clear color.This sample, the reflected ray, is a kind of pearly flashing.

And titanium dioxide itself has yellow, strabismus and change to light blue, to see from different point of view, has a different color.Metallic paint in addition to the high hardness, but also beauty body level.”Paint” more and more general another reason, is it mixed with metal powder, metal components, so the higher hardness of paint, paint harden, is not easy to scratch.Some plain coloured paint is not metallic paint, white, black, red, and yellow, the color of the paint can not add silver powder, but after silver powder, the apparent color, is not the original white will be become with the light carbon black pearl white, black, red, will become the so-called red wine, and yellow becomes golden.

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