An Expert Guide To Preparing Your Car For Long-Term Storage

Most of us drive our cars on a daily basis. For many car owners, getting to work and back involves driving our cars for each journey. Other frequent reasons for using a car include going grocery shopping. And maybe even driving to your local movie theater.

Of course, there are some folks that seldom drive their cars. Or they might even own two cars; one being a “weekend project” for example.

Do you have a car you don’t often drive? If so, the obvious solution is to sell it. But what happens if you can’t bear to sell it? You could always store it for a long-term basis! In today’s handy guide, I will show you how best to store your car.


Keep your car covered up

Obvious to some people, but perhaps not so to others! If you are going to store your car for a long period, you should make sure that it gets covered up!

You can buy car covers that are universal to all cars, but I recommend buying one specific to your car. Car covers ensure that bird poop, dust and other debris won’t damage your car’s paintwork and bodywork.

Even if you are storing your car in your garage, you should still cover it up. Dust will settle on your car, even if it is indoors.

Wash it before you store it

When you store clothes in your wardrobe, you make sure that they are clean first, right? The same principle applies to storing a car too!

Before you let your car hibernate for a few months, you should give it a proper clean. Make sure that you wash it well and that you apply some polish and wax to it afterwards. The idea is to protect your car’s paintwork when it is in storage.

As part of your cleaning regime, consider using a clay bar on the bodywork. The clay bar will pick up any dirt particles that you can’t otherwise remove with a normal car wash.

Give it an oil change

Another thing you should consider doing is carrying out an oil change on your car. The oil change will ensure your motor’s innards will be well-lubricated when you start it up in a few months’ time!

Make sure that you change the oil filter too! Do you own a Porsche? If so, and you’re unsure of how to carry out an oil change, get Inchcape or your local Porsche specialist to do it for you.

Fill up the tank with gas

The last thing you want to do is damage your gas tank when your car is left stationary for several months! To prevent damage, fill the tank up with gas. Doing so will prevent moisture from building up.

You should also consider using an additive to prevent the buildup of ethanol. It is a great way of protecting your car’s engine.

Now you know how best to store your car! Good luck, and don’t forget to start the engine every so often or you will have a flat battery!

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