4 Must-Do Tips When Selling Your Old Car

Getting rid of your old vehicle is easy enough, right? Don’t you just put up an advert then sit back and wait for all those juicy offers to come rolling in? If only, my friend, if only. As anyone who has tried to sell their car knows it’s not easy as you initially think it’s going to be. But don’t fear because we’re here to help!

We know that your mind is fully focused on heading down to the Carco Group and picking up your new car but let’s focus on selling the old one first. So here are some top tips for all of you out there about to put your used car on the market.

Picture Perfect Photos

We’ve all seen them haven’t we? Many car adverts use awful pictures which render the advert almost useless. They spend the time creating the advert and then don’t take a decent photo to go with it. Do not be that person.

Make sure you take the photo outside (not in a garage), in sunlight from a clear angle. And don’t just take one! Capture it from all angles, show it off, people want to see what they’re buying – otherwise they simply won’t buy it.

Spread the Word

Sales can come from the most unlikely of places. It’s not enough to just post your ad online or in the newspaper and then forget about it. Spread the word, tell the neighbours, the friends, the family, the dog. Okay, maybe not the last one. But tell people! Because when you tell people that your car is up for sale they might then tell someone else until the good word eventually reaches that guy looking for a second hand Ford Focus.

Don’t Lie

Sorry to moralise here, I’m sure your parents told you a long time ago not to tell lies but it’s an important one when selling your car. The last thing you want is to finally sell your car and then find out they want a refund because you didn’t tell them about that weird noise the engine keeps on making. This is mistake many people make.

It’s not difficult, just be as honest as possible. Be too honest! Tell them every possible fault the car has – but don’t forget to sell even harder when you’re talking about the good stuff too.

Get Your Paperwork in Check

Yes, we know it’s boring and complicated and annoying … and boring. But it has to be done so do it! Make sure you’re giving the new owner all the information they’ll need in the future and all the manuals they may want to read before bedtime. Ideally you’ll also want to get a bill of sale and keep hold of the buyer’s details too in case you need to contact them in the future. Another important thing to remember is to tell the DVLA when your vehicle is sold.

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